Foreign National Loans

Low Rates


Investing in the United States can often prove to be a little difficult and for many reasons. Especially in Real Estate. Many foreigners will experience that most American lenders require various documentation that a foreigner just simply cannot provide. Visa’s, social security numbers, domestic and foreign credit reports, employment in the US, domestic tax returns, domestic assets…the list goes on. It’s become increasingly difficult for an American Citizen to obtain a mortgage in the US and for a foreigner it’s almost impossible.

The mentality behind our Foreign National Program is simple: We want your business. Forget about what other lenders require. We don’t need any of it. All we need is your desire to invest in the US and we’ll handle the rest. Welcome to the simpler side of America.


  Passport Only
  Current US Status is not required nor verified.
  No Social Security Number is to be stated on 1003 and no credit report of any
   kind will be pulled (Domestic or Foreign).
  Purchase and Refinance R/T: 65% LTV to $2M, Refinance C/O: 50% LTV
   to $2M
  N/O/O Only. SFR 1-4, Condo’s and PUD’s accepted (Must be warrantable
   ((Freddie-Mac Guidelines)).
  Minimum 12 months reserves PITIA sourced and seasoned for 2 months
  Foreign and Domestic Assets acceptable.
  For Foreign funds, a Bank Letter on letterhead reflecting the borrower’s
   daily average balance for 3 months and current balance will be accepted
   in lieu of bank statements (Not Verified).
  Borrower must be employed in another country for a minimum
   of 2 years and an Employment Letter reflecting income and status
   must be obtained (Not Verified).
  Income is to be stated at a maximum of 40% DTI.
  Present Address of borrower must be a foreign address (Not Verified)
   and Mailing Address must be a domestic address other than Subject Property.
  SREO is to list their current property in their country.
  Up to 100% Gift Funds Allowed. Minimum 5% of Purchase Price + Reserves must
   be Borrower’s own funds Sourced and Seasoned for 2 months.
  Subject Property must be off MLS for a minimum of 90 days prior
   to the submission date.
  No max properties owned/financed.
  Funding is taking approximately 30 days from time of submission
   for both Purchase and Refinance transactions.

** CA, NV, IL, GA, MA, NJ, NV, NY, TX, WA **