At First Fidelity Capital we know that not every business owner has the perfect credit scores, but still needs to obtain funds for one reason or another at any given time. 

If you have poor credit and you do own commercial real estate we have good news for you, your options for financing just increased substantially. 

Through our multiple funding desks we have programs that will lend you on average 200%-300% of your monthly bank deposits. Most banks also require that your in business at lease 2 years, many are now at a 3 year minimum. Our program will allow you to be just starting out, with a 6 month time in business to qualify for funds. 

For this program closing costs are also minimal, just a standard processing fee and the cost of . BPO if we need to obtain one. There are normally no points on this loan and it can close in a matter 7-10 days on average.


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